the visual novel


Rook is a medieval, heroic fantasy story set in the world of "Altera."

The main character, "Rook," is the inelegant heroine of the story who finds herself on quest to rescue her twin brother from a dark sorcerer. Along her journey, she encounters a surreal variety of creatures, landscapes, and folk that paint the picture of the good, bad, and otherworldly side of Altera.


Around a month ago, I was asked if Aeipathy Industries was working on anything new. I decided this would be a good excuse to reveal the next project me and a small team have been working on.

The project is called "Rook." 

-Rook is the name of the heroin of the story. She is a skeptical, passive aggressive, introvert, with a knack for sword fighting, unlike her twin brother, Lark, who is an optimistic, outgoing, and honorable knight, (newly recruited to the Empress's Royal Guard), who fares well with a sword, but has room for improvement.

Veila, recently became the Empress of all of Osela, after the tragic death of her parents. It was an unusually bitter winter, and many, like Empress Veila's parents, died from the "cold feet" sickness. Lark, the new Royal Guard recruit, has proven to be a valiant hero, and close friend of  Veila's. Happiness was returning to Veila's world, until one day, a dark wizard captures Lark and demands the Empress's loyalty, if she ever wishes to see her hero again.

Rook is summoned to the Empress Veila's court with a plea to impersonate Lark, in order to both avoid public concern, and also embark on a secret quest to rescue the real Lark. Rook, hesitantly accepts, though she is more than qualified with a sword (seeing how she outmatched her brother, more often than not). 

And so, the makeshift hero, Rook, sets out on a journey through the world of Altera, to find her stolen brother, encountering strange creatures, like the Volx beasts, or or the sea folk called the Lyr, and also meeting exotic peoples like the frozen tundra dwelling danausians, or the feared demon people known as the Erols.

Rook is a story told through a visual novel, set in a fantasy world, 10 years in the making, called "Altera."